summer wind
the ins and outs
of a butterfly

Publication Credit : bottlerockets Issue #34, Feb 2016



last night’s shadow..
a beggar sleeping
under a tree

I was on my way to Colombo Central Railway Station to pick up a friend today.
It was around 6 am.
The sun was breaking out.
There were clumps of endless clouds for miles and miles covering the virgin sky.
I smiled as it reminded me of the work of an angry seamstress.
The sun was hiding behind the cotton balls and some were aglow with its golden light.
Is the sun afraid to come out or is it just delaying its entrance for us ? I wondered…

on the move
looking d

©Malintha Perera 2015

the throng …. (a haibun)

I was at the annual international book fair. It was midafternoon and the crowd was flowing by like a restless river. The tents outside were hot and I was seated inside one of the stalls helping out my friend. It was hot and humid. The smell of books and of people weighed me down. I even picked up little things such as the drone of the fan near me, people talking, children calling out, footsteps, loud speaker overhead….. I was cornered and the sound and the smell amplified.
is a silent
t h r o b

©Malintha Perera 2015