Look at us rolling on the grass.
When you are top of me I see the indefiniteness of the sky.
When I’m over you the grass is like a molecule
inside a micro grain.
Isn’t this like falling into deep space
that will never bring a floor to hold us ?
We pick up so many seeds
that are swollen with words.
They tug our clothes and even cling to us.
We brush them away with hands full of each other.
Wiping away scrolls rooted and tied
and when we are about to part I take away the twigs from your hair, smoothing
it with my trembling fingers.
My throat has this huge lump.
I see the sky differently through my tears just behind you.
I stare longingly at it and you follow my gaze and smile.
Do you see what I’m trying not to say ?
It’s everything why we are here.
We kiss and we part.
Always looking back till one of us gets swallowed by a gaping hill.
The field is not empty.
Some creatures come out after we are gone.
We have scared them away with our laughter.
A grasshopper sits where we are now.
On the crushed grass.
We have left signs behind.
My sandals entangled with your shoes.
They look like our        discarded bodies we leave
on the earth someday.
A mongoose sniffs them and carries one away.
An earthworm is already climbing up a shoe lace.
The dew has made them soggy.
Is this being ?
Is this existence ?
There are no labels.
Not even a truth.

© Malintha Perera 2016

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