The questions for my nominator (for the Liebster Award)  Amit Rahman. Of course anyone is welcome to answer 🙂

  1. If you are a butterfly what would be your favourite tree to go and hide yourself in ?
  2. What sort of path would you want to walk upon ? A. a one that leads through a forest    B. a one that leads through an open field      C. a one that would lead through a rocky mountain      D. a quiet street
    Why ?
  3. What would you like to watch on top of a mountain ? A sun rise or a sun set ? Why ?
  4. If you have just one minute to live ? What would you do ?
  5. Describe in three words or less the “crescent moon”
  6. When walking on a rainy day without shoes, what is your favourite thing ?    A. The feeling of mud      B. The feeling when crossing puddles       C. The feeling of wet grass         D. Yuck…None of the above
  7. If someone taps at your door and says that he is god, what would you do ?
  8. If you see a falling star and someone says to make a wish, what would that be ?
  9. Who will be your most respected person if you are to have dinner with someday ?
  10. You have just won the Nobel prize for literature. and you are to give a speech of  ten words. What would those be ?

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