>>>>>Little Buddha

It was the bricks and not the wall
that was holding the frame.
How could I not
look through it
when nothing had ever looked so good ?
I was trying to shrink the tree
taking pleasure of the fact that I could not
and was still carrying the keys
to a door-less door.

Nearby, a small boy
was playing naked
on the sun-spit brown floor
as if he was the ocean
and the ground was the golden shore.
He was digging the earth
with a newly scraped coconut shell
and suddenly dashed off with a giggle
no…. not through that door
but rather jumped over low walls
that my mind was building upon.

He reached the tree
no … not through the guardstones
that I was in awe of
but rather climbed over the platform
and then beckoned me
with his dirty small
hands, he even had a runny nose.

At that instance….
he was taller than the tree
and I was just another
among the soil he had just unearthed
trying desperately to cover myself
even though
I had my clothes on.

©Malintha Perera 2015

Location : Abhayagiri Monastery, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

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