hello mankind
this is a song I  took pain to memorize
and this is a concert
where our class has materialized
and the debris around me
are my fellow class mates
in disguise

this is supposed to be a call
from your future
and I’m you
you’re me
despite my lack of clothes
and no make up

I’m supposed to tell you
that I’m the last human on earth
where you sucked
out of its life
and in that haze
we got into each one’s belly
isn’t it great
do you feel proud

it’s a good thing
you don’t believe in life after death
I’m sure you would not want to
to be born again
amidst your spitted out bones

so when you are about to enjoy
your next lavish dish just remember me
this small boy from the concert
(and the debris of classmates)
we are your bulimia
and you are us

Tra la la la..

bon appetit !

c.r. Malintha Perer 2015


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