My lens
was an abandoned lattice
plucked from a corner
in a room.
I refused to go
and as I always end up coughing
when I come out of it.

I wanted to hold it between my fingers
span its life,
a map
and see the landmarks
blinking in the sky.

The sky side stepped.

The empty pockets
that I had left
inside each room
I had roamed
and poked at my eyes
despite the net.

I wasn’t the spinneret
this time
to add an invisible mesh
on top
and be the acting spider.

I was the victim
between the threads
at last
by my own

It was either tear
the web down and be stung by the phantom spider
or copy paste the emptiness
to my i pad
under lessons learned.

c.r. Malintha Perera 2015


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