Holy And Divine


Dedicated to Malintha Perera
and written in response to her sublime Poem,
“The words are reading me” 

Love it before
you learn to read
and pick the words –
just a handful, no doubt,
for some selfish purpose
or to drive a point home,
out of a thing, more vast
than you or a mere multitude,
bigger than the oceans
and the sky combined, otherwise
how can you call it Holy and Divine!
Before scheming through, love it with an open mind!

All of you Christians, Muslims, Jews
Hindus and Buddhists too –
anyone with a Scripture,
that they so love to call
both Holy and Divine,
do love it with an open mind!

Then the world should have been
as grand as the Elysian plains
but now, see how all the great religions
of peace and harmony are spread
across the world through chaos and bloodshed,
preaching peace…

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