The words are reading me.
I can see them looking at me
smiling at them.

They look so funny
with their twists and curls
and next to pictures they look
like some ancient scripture
that I have seen in temples
carved on stones.

When the sunlight falls on to
to the book
I love how the blackness shines
and the gaps widen
and I get lost sometimes
in their light.

Just then my father comes
and tells me I’m reading it upside down
and turns it and gives it back to me.

I wait till he goes
to turn it back ;
upside down or not
that is how it should be looked.
I don’t want to read.

©Malintha Perera 2015



6 thoughts on “

  1. awesome rhythm! and a grand message! i wish all the religious people had such reverence for the scriptures…. the world would have been free from a lot of human plagues that we see in the history and suffer from in life.

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