This lady came to watch me knit one day.

The lady with the long black gown.
She asked me how long I had been doing this.
I told her my entire lives
and that even she does it
this fabrication
fast and effortless,
how we thrive in our stories.

I told her I was knitting a shawl
but then after a while it turned out to be a collar.

“Even my story is beyond me”, I told her
“I don’t know what would become of it”.

She cried silently
and asked if I could give her the piece of lace
to cover her bare throat.

“If only all stories are beautiful such as this”
she sighed, wrapping it around her.
I told her she looked good without it.

“Most stories will choke you.
Better to leave them be, unknitted
and let the cat play with the wool,”
I said.

“At least watching it making a mess
will make you smile.”

©Malintha Perera 2015


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