The dawn ticks
And I am its hands
Restless and awake listening to the scent
Of the dew lipped jasmine
In full posture.

I am part of the mist
Passing in front their eyes
And the jasmine look like mudras of the cosmos
Sitting on moist sepals
Just letting the wind stir them
But not falling out of their focused minds.

What a night it has been
After trying to dream without sleep
And trying to sleep without dreams
My eyelids have not shrugged off the day
It’s still there
Like an over applied silver eye shadow
Luminous in the dark.

The bed is warm with my turns
The sheets have got tangled around my legs
The bed sags with my sponged thoughts
And I welcome the intrusion
The sudden strong scent
Piling on top of each other
To reach me through the unshut window
To turn the locks in my heart.

The moon is hiding
Was it on purpose
Leaving the jasmine alone in a retreat
Among the riotous leaves
Shelfing around their mindless space
Allowing them to shine without a light.

As they just sit there now
On my breath
I am drawn to my cushion
That was just there in a corner
Like an island in the ocean
And I sit
On jasmine
And jasmine on me.

It’s time for Zazen.

©Malintha Perera 2015



5 thoughts on “

  1. Wow! I love how the scent of jasmine is woven throughout the poem. And the feeling of being called to your cushion…your island…with the heady scent of jasmine around you, on you. Wonderful poem. Loved it.

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