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The grass
wet with yesterday’s rain
absorbed my each step with a burp.
A satisfied earth
with a belly full of gorgeous rocks.

The wind was suddenly still
reeking of peace
dripping words
stripped from Ola books
over the blunt stones.
They lodged verses inside the weathered holes
and their writings
put out the flame
before my eyes were burnt
from misery against
hands that had ripped each clasp apart.

I felt the mist opening its mouth
between the trees gone out of shape
like statues of warriors
erected by time to guard the ruins
now dwindled
only to bones
of a rotted history
under moist leaves
gathered by black ants.

The fragrance
of their roots
caught my tongue
layering a sour taste
I had to push down and digest.
is the nature
of all things
I told myself
as I stepped on a puddle
and covered my shoes
with mud.

©Malintha Perera 2015

Location : Jetavana Monastery, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

ruins 2015 copy


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