A Monastery Pond..

Featured in the “Hall of Pets” Issue 01 – May 2015 Magazine

From afar,
among the clustered trees.
to an ancient drum
made from the shiny skins of melted dry leaves,
it was an oasis to soak my feet
after a long walk
among the rubble
of a slayed monastery.

Dragonflies were surfing
barely touching the waters.
Maybe they were lulling the memories from springing out,
keeping them hidden from those who came here,
full of baggage,
not bothered to relieve their weight
and wash their feet
that only knew what they had been walking on.

The ant hills were undisturbed in most places.
The dry leaves uncrumpled as I went deeper.
Its inexperience stung me
unzipping my heart and I unleashed
what I had been feeling from the moment I stepped in its boundary.

The rocks held me in their closed knuckles.
I don’t know for how long I stayed,
floating in the deep stillness
without any stroke
to swim against the current.
I felt the turnings of the earth beneath my feet.
The trees enlarged
and the pond was an ocean without gestures.
I was a grain on their banks
sunk in a landscape
of stillness…
and exhaling,
inhaling and exhaling…..

©Malintha Perera 2015

Location : Abhayagiri Monastery, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka


Hall of Poets Magazine :

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