Back in the Moment

 It was a heavy morning.
I was shouldering my way with yesterday’s dream
a rudderless cloud left with my own shadow
feeling my way over earthly clefts
unchary of the wind clinging on to my dress.
My thoughts were a mythical reptile
curling over my heart
until I saw that moment …
a gypsy figure
stretched out over the grassy patches
tearing the seeds of my past.
She was wetting her khol-lined eyes with the bursting dew
and they glistened with a fearless freshness
of the transparent springs right at the mouth of the mountains.
I caught her eyes …..
empty of a self that made me stop
and I clung to that awareness
carved with a chisel
studded with the fires of a ruby craftiness
till I became no more a margin
a sea without a horizon
no waves
going back and forth and back.

©Malintha Perera 2015


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