Let Us Show You

(Dedicated to my two sons ….)


don’t be afraid …. to wet your feet
but mind the tiny tadpoles
swimming inside.
let them and the fish …. graze your skin
can you feel them greet you
and make you smile ?
sink in to the sand….. wiggle your toes
be a worm at least once
in your lifetime.
take one step down….. ankle deep
these steps can hold you
unlike the ones you climb.
don’t forget to look up ….. wave at the trees
they are nudging each other
showing our delight.
can you see there…. that’s the edge ?
there is a small cliff
and if you bend slowly
you can see right down.
can we bathe….. please ?
we don’t mind the clothes
they will dry off when we go back
through the forest and the sunlight.
yes… Mother, we have been here
many times before
while you were busy with rituals
and we had the time
of our lives.

©Malintha Perera 2015


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