The Forest Pool

There was no need to go into the water. I was there. In the assemblage.
touching the recluse stillness. the sunlight was a desultory blur on its way
to the bottom. the mud shifted the rays as if sorting for
something else. yes it was
the reflection around its crust. props. the world on an iris.
a sheen on water’s lips.

big chunks of riparian stones were cupping
the water. too sacred
for ripples. as it waited for the lissome darkness.
to speak out. I too became
motionless. strained my ears and heard  a morsel
of a refrain. a turquoise melody. without music. trickling through leaf
to leaf. leaf to stone. stone to branch. everything to
everything. earthing me.

it clasped me in an embrace. crushing me
in its arms. not pain. but suchness. unpinning me.
lock by lock. a tight hairdo.
unraveling me. a lotus bud.  a scarlet touch so tender.
I was all things and nothing.
I was all things and nothing.
…… there was no need to be.

Image and poem ©Malintha Perera 2015


forest pool




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