Die Like a King

****Inspired by Asivisopama Sutta … The Discourse of the Serpent Similes (the four elements – mahabuta dhatu)***

thanks you for letting me in through your door.

the four serpents are at work
and you never ever notice them
not until the end.

the first serpent is in your internal organs now
making you heavy
twisting you like a cloth
spreading along the geometry lines of your skin
peeling away the surface
turning you into a jagged stone.

the second serpent is in all your fluid
running through your veins
pouring out through your pores
and you burst like a water bag
a brown puddle right where you are.

the third serpent is in your breath
moving through muscles and into your lungs
bloating you like a gas balloon in a fiesta
out of control
swelling breath by breath
and then a rupture
you are the air around you.

the fourth serpent is the heat
can you feel the warmth ?
its fingers are now spreading all over your body
you are becoming hot
until you are molten red
and melting away
right where you are
a lump of fire
that no one can touch.

you may die now anyway you like.

©Malintha Perera 2015


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