Not My Stage

The spotlights put their heads together
for my soliloquy.
To say or not to say what I have to say I say
as my mind erases the script
penning in my shivers under a quill.
It goes on
pages and pages strewn off to the floor
but wait
someone interrupts.
“Alienation”, I groan to myself
I haven’t planned for Brecht.

A cowboy comes on a white horse invading my stage
“my stage” I mutter.
He scoops me up and places me in front of him.
I cannot see his eyes through his Zorro mask made by the waves of the sea.
It is a peacock blue and still like the jelly I have inside the refrigerator
and I gaze at him open mouthed and gasp.
He swallows until they are mere breaths.
I see angels circle around us playing violins.
No not the sonata
it’s a rock song by Jon Bon Jovi.
He releases me and I drop down to the stage with a thud
before I could recall what the song is.
“I will google it up later” I console myself.

“That will shut you up” he says
before he snaps his fingers and winks at me
both eyes one after the other
and flies off from the stage in the opposite direction.

Wait a minute
did that horse just swim ? I ask myself.
I just saw some mermaids walking off out of the stage just after they left.
And they were holding hands with some handsome chipmunks and they had mehndi designs behind their backs !

©Malintha Perera 2014


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