We Are Not Strangers….

It’s always your souls whispering
Touches of caresses met ;
Like the wind and the bird’s wings
And the oceans and the gills
Fluttering away with ripples
The times we have trailed down
Hanging on to each others grasp.
I feel your pulse …they speak to me
You may be passing by… or standing next to me..
No, not strangers to me and I may look at you
With wide eyes.
It blinds you this probe to look away
Shaken, unable to meet mine
But too late those lines I have read
The pain, lust, tears or joy…
The thoughts pressing you to this earth
Rising up to the sky soaring high, reaching the clouds
Floating by.
And then I try to be the wind
With my touch and thoughts
To lessen those fiery embers burning throughout;
A white mist among the trees
The early morning brings, spreading a smoky veil
Hoping to lessen the misery to which you clutch in vain.
Those dreams they echo.. we have met… yes before
Forgive me if I have hurt you among those throngs
Your forgiveness will release you
From whatever the ones that you owe me
And I can only be a light to you now even in the night
Blessing you… helping you….. no more a debt to anyone.


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