An Ode to the Elephant Pond

The Elephant Pond at Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka


Your silent breathing, Oh so near
Fanning very close to my heart
Felt the blood flow thick and clear
Drawing slow the strings apart
With reigns gleaming in a jeweled cart.

Brushing along solitary trees
A summon from the deep abyss
Taken was I, with the bees
Souls tied in a sultry kiss
Strung aloft in harmonic bliss.

Where was my breath
An escape that was hissed
Twirling in a timeless death
In images from the ground kissed
Invaded with petals gold and missed.

Thoughts seized, gently
Another stone was I adorned
Wrapped in mist at depth, lazily
In heaven untrodden not forewarned
Its glory in words will only be scorned.

A vision of shiny beads
Paving way for figures blurred
Moving in mystic stretches of leads
Saffron folds glinted and stirred
Amidst chants rising, whirred.

The water was a bluish neat
Not yet in deep green slumber
Arms clung to holy feet
Kissed their skins with tears asunder
With joy that echo in my mind’s chamber.

Rhythm of the moving frames
Dragged waters from within my soul
Oh such peace the died up flames
Healed the agony as a whole
These drenched up hearts in misery’s pole.

Oh hear, the whispers of dhamma
As the breeze beckon the shadows
They roam amidst the stones with claims
Unturned they wait like mystery willows
Expounding the truth with its soft swallows.


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