Motion Picture

Inspired by Most Venerable Katukurunde Gnanananda Thero’s dhamma talk on motion picture.

Sitting on the chair
Never giving up the role
The scenes need editing
A lot of cine chores.
Darker the better
Easily fooled
The reel is rolling
Never ending episodes.

Glue them together
What we take in
A dose of greed
Is all we need.
Send them to the screen
To keep us entranced
Store them for later
To fill up the missing parts.

A burst of light
Is all one needs
To reveal the parade
Being hidden beneath.
The maker is caught !
There is no such thing
Of the scenes that went on
On the screen in print.

From the Book “Mind Your Own Business” (Copyright © 2013 Meethirigala Nissarana Forest Monastery ISBN 978-955-4877-00-9)



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