Walking Meditation

Heavy foot steps
Only parts captured
Burdens on earth
Commands to march.

Thoughts hit by
Holding on
Slowing down
Motions are caught.

Steps lighter
Walking same place
A stranger walking
Floating on air.

Lullaby is hummed
The baby’s asleep
It’s time to lay down
Gently sit and dwell within.


From the Book “Mind Your Own Business”  (Copyright © 2013 Meethirigala Nissarana Forest Monastery ISBN 978-955-4877-00-9)

walking meditation


One thought on “Walking Meditation

  1. “Burdens on earth,
    Commands to march”
    ’cause it knows
    the journey is long.
    Steps lighter,
    baby may get up,
    Our practice will come to end,
    as she will not allow.
    My darling baby,
    I call my mind
    can you sleep some more,
    so I can proceed happily to the end.


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