Vesak Full Moon

Didn’t the full moon run away and disappear ?
The silvery leaves fall away and shatter ?
The ground beneath you weep and suffer,
On that night when you sat alone and pondered ?
Only a Bodhisatva can withstand
Those cries with outstretched hands
The flames in an endless cycle
Burning…. It was endless.
Oh !the love that overflowed your heart
Keeping all things around you entranced .
Only a Bodhisatva can encompass
And nothing else can surpass.
When the stories had begun to unfold
The earth had trembled, uncontrolled.
Even it had no strength to witness
What you were seeing in that instance.
You revealed the plot,
The guises, acts and all the pacts.
The white petals finally bloomed,
Emerging untouched from what is doomed.



From the Book “Mind Your Own Business” (Copyright
© 2013 Meethirigala Nissarana Forest Monastery ISBN 978-955-4877-00-9)


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