Dual Deception

It was like there were two persons within me
The awareness… was seen like playing tricks on me
The thoughts.. they were unrolling and rolling away….
And yet another part of me was watching the charade.
For the first time I was given a choice to be made
To either travel to the thoughts or the silence within
It was then I realized the power of mindfulness
Its wisdom of knowing that neither was “me”.


2 thoughts on “Dual Deception

    • Thank you Jack for this good question 🙂 Really made me smile (in gladness) when I saw this. Of course how can there be any one when it’s all just a process. And endless process occurring continuously. In my poetry you must have noticed I use a lot of conventional references and labels to express things. Sometimes you have to or else it would be highly technical for poetry. It’s good though that you noticed this. The poem has touched your heart and got you thinking 🙂 Answering to your question though. The thought processes when they happen are like this bundle of sticks coming one after the other. Consciousness with their mind objects (cetasika – mental concomitants). One stick is awareness where it turns to wisdom when it matures. So that stick sees the whole process when it occurrs continuously. The consciousness, silent and the various other attachments in the bundle. This is a very fast process this thought formations and you mistake this for continuous self. Bundle after the other. You always see from the top most bundle and even before it dies thousands of new ones occur. So the cetana (volition) which is also another stick in the bundle along with wisdom focuses on consciousness rather than the other various sticks and attachments. And you must be knowing what happens after that 🙂 I hope I did justice for your questions with my lay terms without confusing you 🙂 Thank you again for your question 🙂 Lots of Metta !


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